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Chapter 7 Trustee’s Final Report

Official Procedure Last Change June 20, 2014

Chapter 7 Trustee’s Final Report

How to file: 

Location of event: Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee > Ch 7 - Final Report

Things to be aware of when filing: Only the US Trustee may file using this event.

  • 11 USC 704 (a)(9)
  • FRBP 2002 (f)(8)

General Information

  • The Trustee prepares this Report and submits to the US Trustee for review. The US Trustee has 60 days to review before filing the Report with the Court.
  • Subsequent to filing of the Report, the Trustee must file a Notice of Final Report along with Certificate of Service with the Court if net receipts as shown on the Final Report exceed $1500.00. No Notice of Final Report is required if the net receipts are $1500.00 or less.
  • The Certificate of Service must show service of the Notice of Final Report on all creditors.
  • If an Amended Final Report is filed, an Amended Notice of Final Report along with Certificate of Service must also be filed if the net receipts exceed $1500.00, following the same procedures as for the original. (An Amended Final Report is not required to be filed if the additional funds received total less than $1500.00.)
  • If a Supplemental Final Report is filed, a Notice of Supplemental Final Report along with Certificate of Service must also be filed if the net receipts listed in the Supplemental Report exceed $1500.00.  (The determination of whether the Notice is necessary is based solely on the amounts in the supplemental final report, not on the total amount from both supplemental and original.)
  • Any deferred fees that are still owed on the case must be paid before filing of the Final Report. Such fees must be shown on that Report.
  • The date of appointment of the Trustee is the date the case was filed, or on converted cases, the date the successor trustee was appointed. (This is information requested on the Final Report.)

Filing Requirements

The Final Report and Notice of Final Report must be filed using the standard forms available on the US Trustee's web site.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log into CM/ECF.

2. Select Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee.

3. Enter case number (in the format xx-xxxxx) and click Next.

4. Select Ch 7 - Final Report from the event list and click Next.

5. Check box if jointly filing with another attorney, click Next. If jointly filing, select additional attorneys, click Next.

6. Select the party filer. If the party is not listed, or cannot be selected, view instructions on adding a new party. Click Next.

Note: The "Attorney/Party Association” screen may appear. If your party selection was correct, check the box to create an association and click Next.

7. Browse to select the document to be filed (pdf file). Click Next.

8. Select correct case trustee from the drop-down box and click Next.

9. Select appropriate radio button and click Next.

10. If filing an amended report, select Amended from the drop down box. Click Next.

11. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click Next to submit your document(s).

Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately e-mailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.