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Notifications of Electronic Filing

Official Procedure last Change November 15, 2013

Notifications of Electronic Filing

The Notice of Electronic Filing is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the Court’s database. It certifies that this is now an official court document, and displays the document number assigned on the docket. Copies of this verification are immediately e-mailed to those able to receive electronic notices on that case.

Who can receive electronic notices?

  • Limited users do not automatically receive electronic notices, except for notices from the court to advise the user of problems in a document he/she has filed (i.e., notices of deficient filing and requests for correction). However, limited users can receive notifications on specific cases by adding those cases to their CM/ECF user account. Show me how
  • Even if a limited user files a Request for Notice, this does not result in the user automatically receiving notice of all documents filed. A Request for Notice serves only to get the creditor on the court's mailing list for those documents that get mailed out to all creditors, such as the discharge notice.
  • Attorneys automatically receive electronic notices, if all the following are true:
    • The attorney is a registered electronic filer, registered as an attorney - not a limited user.
    • The attorney has filed a document on the case.
    • When filing the document, the attorney checked the following box, if it was displayed:


  • Attorneys can also receive notifications on specific cases by adding those cases to their CM/ECF user account, regardless of whether or not the above conditions have been met. Show me how

What is the Notice of Electronic Filing telling me?

  • Clicking on the case number hyperlink will take you to the docket for the case. Note that you will be prompted for your PACER login and password. Users must be registered with the PACER system to have a login and password.
  • Clicking the document number hyperlink will open the PDF image of the document just filed. Note that you will be prompted for your PACER login and password.
  • Attorney users are entitled to a free look at the PDF. To get your free look, you must click on the document number hyperlink from the Notice of Electronic Filing that you receive via e-mail - not the Notice of Electronic Filing that you see at the conclusion of the filing process. Note that you are only granted one free look, which is only available within the first 15 days. Therefore, you might want to print or save a copy of the PDF.At the bottom of the Notice of Electronic Filing, a list is provided of who did and did not receive electronic notice of the filing.

How to sign up to receive notices for a specific case

Note: Limited users following the instructions below will receive notices of electronic filing but will not be entitled to receive free looks at the PDF files. Limited users must view PDF files via PACER and pay the applicable PACER fees.

After logging in to CM/ECF, click Utilities:

then Maintain Your ECF Account:

then Email information:

Check the Send notices in these additional cases box. Type the case number for which you wish to receive notices and click Find This Case:

Repeat the process for any other cases for which you wish to receive notices. You can add as many as you want:

Once you are finished entering case numbers, click Return to Account screen:

then click Submit: