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Payment of Fees Online by Trustee

Official Procedure Last Change April 9, 2020

Payment of Fees Online by Trustee

For deposit of unclaimed dividends, see procedure on Trustee's Notice of Deposit of Unclaimed Dividends

General Information

The following fees may have been originally deferred when filed by the Trustee:

In addition, the Trustee may have been directed by the Court to pay the Petition Filing Fee or balance thereof on a chapter 7 asset case.

Instructions for the Trustee to pay fees online

Note: See separate procedure for depositing unclaimed dividends.

  1. Contact the Case Administrator assigned to the case and ask them to set up the fee in CM/ECF as the Trustee's obligation.

Note: To pay an installment fee,the fee should be set up in CM/ECF by the Trustee instead of contacting the case administrator. View instructions on how to do this

  1. Once the fee has been set up, go to Utilities > Internet Payments Due and follow the on-screen prompts.

For further information, see the Electronic Payment Guide.