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Block Scheduling Instructions

General Information

When the pleadings specified in the BLOCK SCHEDULING EVENTS section are filed, the moving party will be directed to Block Scheduling where a hearing date and time are selected and a notice is generated. The notice will not be issued by the Court until all pleadings have been quality controlled. Any pleading which has been calendared through Block Scheduling and is determined to be deficient may result in the cancellation or rescheduling of the hearing.

Block Scheduling Events

  • Motion to Dismiss (creditors only)
  • Objection/Response to Trustee’s Motion to Dismiss (Indianapolis, Evansville, and Terre Haute debtors only; New Albany trustee only)
  • Objection/Response to Motion for Relief from Stay (if time requirement is waived)
  • Objection to Motion to Modify Plan Post-Confirmation (trustees and debtors only)
  • Objection to Confirmation of (Amended) Plan (trustees only)
  • Objection to Debtor’s Claim of Exemptions (trustees only)
  • Response to Objection to Claim(s) (all filers)
  • Objection to Motion for Entry of Chapter 13 Discharge (TH trustee only)


Note: Please contact the court if there are no available hearing dates or an earlier date is necessary


Chapter 13 Courtroom Services Staff:

Brian Bernhardt for Chief Judge Jeffrey J. Graham cases at (317) 229-3819

Heather Butler for Judge James M. Carr cases at (317) 229-3833

Brian Bernhardt for Chief Judge Jeffrey J. Graham Terre Haute cases at (317) 229-3819

Jennifer Hobgood for Judge Andrea K. McCord Evansville cases at (812) 434-6475

Amy Massey for Judge Andrea K. McCord New Albany cases at (812) 542-4548