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General Orders

Looking for a General Order not on this list or have been rescinded or superseded? Click here for General Orders that have been archived and/or are now part of the Local Rules.

Date Posted
11.28.22 General Order 23-0002: Presentation of Evidence During Virtual Hearings
11.28.22 General Order 23-0001: Resumption of In-Person Hearings
11.28.22 General Order 22-0008: Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules
07.25.22 General Order 22-0006: Order Setting Maximum Fee for Chapter 13 Cases Under Local Rule B-2016-1(c)
05.23.22 General Order 22-0005: Order Concerning Status and Maintenance of General Orders
05.23.22 General Order 22-0003: Loss Mitigation Program for Chapter 13 Cases
04.04.22 General Order 22-0002: Refund Procedure for Erroneous Payments Made Via Forms Service
02.12.21 General Order 21-0002: Order Regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing by Non-Attorneys
01.06.21 General Order 21-0001: Procedures for the Filing, Service, and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents
11.09.20 General Order 20-0010: Order Regarding Installment Fees: Payment Schedule
03.23.20 General Order 20-0002: Order Concerning Temporary Waiver of Signature Requirement on Debtor's Documents
01.23.18 General Order 18-0001: Order Refunding Fees
10.14.16 General Order 16-0004: Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds