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General Orders

Looking for a General Order not on this list or have been rescinded or superseded? Click here for General Orders that have been archived and are now part of the Local Rules.

Date Posted
10.21.20 General Order 20-0009: Order Regarding Temporary Filing Procedures for Parties not Represented by an Attorney
06.16.20 General Order 20-0008: Order Regarding Chapter 13 Procedure Changes Resulting from CARES Act
04.21.20 General Order 20-0007: Order Regarding Revision to Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1020
04.07.20 General Order 20-0006: Order Requiring Trustee Use of ACH to Remit Funds to Court
03.31.20 General Order 20-0005: Order Extending 365(d)(1) Deadline
03.25.20 General Order 20-0004: Order Concerning Evidence at Telephonic Hearings
03.23.20 General Order 20-0002: Order Concerning Temporary Waiver of Signature Requirement on Debtor's Documents
01.23.18 General Order 18-0001: Order Refunding Fees
11.15.17 General Order 17-0003: Order Concerning Installment Fees Payment Schedule
11.15.17 General Order 17-0002: Order Adopting Chapter 13 Plan Form
11.30.16 General Order 16-0006: Order Concerning Status and Maintenance of General Orders
10.14.16 General Order 16-0004: Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds
07.14.16 General Order 16-0002: Order Establishing Loss Mitigation Program for Chapter 13 Cases