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Omnibus Motion to Redact Document Pursuant to FRBP 9037

Official Procedure Last Change December 1, 2019

Omnibus Motion to Redact Previously Filed Document

How to file:

Consult with the Clerk's Office before attempting to file an omnibus motion to redact. If a miscellaneous proceeding is needed, it cannot be filed electronically. The document will need to be mailed or hand delivered to the Clerk's office. The miscellaneous proceeding will then be opened by the Clerk's office.

 FRBP 9037

General Information

An omnibus motion to redact is a request to restrict access to documents in multiple cases that contain personal identifiers. Requests to restrict access to such documents in a single case should be filed using the Motion to Redact instructions.

See information on preparing:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. The filing attorney, who must be a registered ECF user, contacts the Clerk's office about file preparation details.

2. The filing attorney delivers miscellaneous proceeding paperwork with wet signature to the Clerk's office so that an omnibus motion to redact may be filed. View sample form

3. The Clerk's office will open a miscellaneous proceeding. Once this is done, a Notice of Electronic Filing is automatically sent to the filing party, which contains the case number. (Miscellaneous proceedings always begin with 56 after the hyphen, e.g. 15-56001)

4. The filing attorney electronically files an omnibus motion to redact in the miscellaneous proceeding, which includes a list of all cases and documents to be replaced, and uploads a proposed order.

5. Prepare the redacted documents using the above instructions. Prepared documents must match the ones listed in the Motion to Redact. Note that the current size limit for individual PDF files is 35 MB. Ensure that no PDF exceeds this size.

6. Send e-mail to with a zip file of documents to be redacted.

7. The Clerk's office will calculate the filing fee due as follows: Current Redaction of Personal Identifiers fee multiplied by the number of affected cases, plus the current fee to open a miscellaneous proceeding (referenced as Filing any document not in a case on the Schedule of Bankruptcy Fees).

8. Once the required fee has been docketed by the Clerk's office, it may be paid online via Once this has been done and the Order Granting Omnibus Motion to Redact has been entered, the Clerk's office will perform the requested redactions.