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Preparing redacted documents

Preparing redacted documents

General information

No, only include the affected PDFs. If the main document includes a personal identifier but the exhibits are fine, only send us the PDF to the main document.

  • Is it OK to combine documents?

No, if a docket entry contains several PDFs and each one has a personal identifier, send us a redacted PDF for each document. The program restricts the original document based upon the number provided in the file name. If only one document is provided, only the original document associated with the file name is restricted. The other documents are left unrestricted. In short, never combine documents.

  • Should claims and pleadings be separated?

It really does not matter. It is acceptable to include all PDFs in the same zip file.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Select Reports > Docket Report.
  2. Enter case number of case with pleading to redact and uncheck the Include headers when displaying PDF documents box. Click Run Report.

Note: This step displays claims without a red PDF header and prevents the double stamping of the PDF header once the redacted claim is docketed. 

  1. Click the link of the document needing to be redacted. Click the View Document button to view the document.
  2. Save the PDF as named in the browser or PDF viewer. The file should always begin with 072, for example, 0721321204094.pdf.

Finishing up

  1. Edit the PDF and redact the person identifiers found within the document.
  2. Repeat the above steps for each document being redacted.