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Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds - Omnibus

Official Procedure Last Change October 21, 2020

Omnibus Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds

How to file: 

Consult with the Clerk's Office before attempting to file an omnibus application
for payment of unclaimed funds. If a miscellaneous proceeding is needed, it cannot
be filed electronically. The document will need to be mailed or hand delivered to
the Clerk's office. The miscellaneous proceeding will then be opened by the Clerk's

  • 28 USC 2042

General Information

An omnibus application for payment of unclaimed funds is a request to receive payment from multiple cases. Requests for payments from a single case should be filed using the Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds instructions.

Filing Requirements

Refer to instructions for Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. The claimant must mail or deliver to the Clerk's office a single application for unclaimed funds listing cases and amounts (including a grand total amount). Supporting documentation must be included for each case - each document should be for a single case and should list the case number. The Application must be accompanied by the Miscellaneous Proceeding filing fee (listed as Filing any document not in a case on the Fee Schedule). 
  2. The Clerk's Office will scan the Application. Each supporting document is scanned as a separate document. (For example, 15 cases would result in 15 PDFs).
  3. The Clerk's Office opens a miscellaneous proceeding and dockets the Application for Unclaimed Funds on it.
  4. An Unclaimed Funds Supporting Documents event is docketed on the miscellaneous proceeding attaching each scanned supporting document separately. The document's description should include the case number.
  5. An order granting the application is entered on the miscellaneous proceeding, which automatically sends an e-mail to the Financial department.

The following docket entry appears on all affected cases: 

Order Granting Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds by Creditor XXX with supporting documents (re: Doc # 3 on 20-56009).