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Creditor List

Official Procedure Last Change May 19, 2016

Creditor List (f.k.a. creditor matrix)

A Creditor List is a listing of the name and address (creditor record) of each creditor in a bankruptcy case. It must be filed or presented electronically. A diskette, CD, DVD or USB drive with the Creditor List file in TXT format must be submitted for bankruptcy cases filed non-electronically (on paper), pursuant to S. D. Ind. B-1007-1(b).  Electronic filers must upload a Creditor List file through the Creditor Maintenance menu option in ECF.


  • A Verification of Creditor List must be prepared, printed and signed by the debtor and joint debtor, if there is one. It must be filed with the court within 14 days from the date of filing of the case.
  • The creditor list on the diskette, CD, DVD or USB drive must include all of the names and addresses listed on Schedules D, E,  F, G and H.
  • If any federal agency other than the IRS is listed on the schedules (e.g., FHA, Dept. of Agriculture (USDA), HUD, etc.), add the U.S. Attorney to the list using the following address:

U.S. Attorney's Office
10 W. Market St. Ste. 2100

Indianapolis, IN 46204-3048

Note: The following creditors are not federal agencies:

  • Sallie Mae
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddy Mac
  • Do not include the debtors, any trustee, or the U.S. Trustee on the list.

Note: The attorney for the debtor(s) may be included on the list in a Chapter 13 case ONLY to facilitate filing a claim. To eliminate duplicate noticing, the attorney name and address on the list must exactly match the Attorney ECF User Record.

  • Pursuant to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 5003(e), federal and state governmental agencies may file statements with the court designating their mailing addresses. These addresses are conclusively presumed to be the proper mailing addresses for the governmental agencies. A list of agencies that have filed such statements with the Clerk’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana can be found here. If any of those agencies are listed on the schedules, they must be added to the creditor list (one time only) using only the addresses designated on that page.
  • Do not include account numbers or duplicate creditor names.
  • The list must be in one column with no more than six lines per creditor name/address. There must be a blank line between creditor records.
  • Each line may contain no more than 40 characters, including punctuation and spaces.
  • Each record may be up to 6 lines – the Creditor’s name must be on the first line and the City, State and Zip Code on the bottom line.
  • Do not include page numbers, headers, footers, debtor names, etc. on the Creditor List -- only the creditor information.
  • The names and addresses (Creditor Records) should be aligned to the left margin in one single column, also known as “justified left”.

Format to use for each creditor name and address:
First Line : Creditor’s Name
Second Line:  Attention of:    or address
Third Line: Address (if needed)

Bottom Line: City, State (2-letter abbreviation in CAPS) and Zip Code

Format to use for foreign creditors:
First Line : Creditor’s Name
Second Line:  Address line 1
Third Line: Remainder of the address except for the country

Bottom Line: Country

Example of a correctly formatted foreign address:
Associated Aluminium Ltd
132 West Park Street
Birmingham WM1 3NS

United Kingdom

  • The creditor list must be saved as a text file (filename.txt) 

Samples of correct format:
ACB Stores
Attention: Mr. Smith
123 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111

ABC Stores
Attention: Mary Doe
Smith Office Building Ste 123
456 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111

John Smith
789 Bee ST

Plain City, IN  11111