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(a)     Notice of Withdrawal

Use of the Notice of Withdrawal of Claim ECF event serves as the filer’s certification that the claim may be withdrawn as of right under Fed.R.Bankr.P.3006 and without a Court order. A party in interest may challenge the filing of the Notice of Withdrawal of Claim by filing a Motion to Strike. A Notice of
Withdrawal of Claim factually unsupported by the record is effective upon filing unless the Court orders otherwise.

(b)    Motion to Withdraw

A claimant who files a motion to withdraw a proof of claim shall provide the Debtor,  a trustee, a creditors’ committee, the UST, and an entity that objected to the claim a 21-day Objection Notice. Along with the motion, the claimant shall file the notice and a Certificate of Service. The motion, notice, and Certificate of Service may be combined into one document, a sample of which is available on the Court’s website.