(a)     Notice of Withdrawal

A notice of withdrawal of a proof of claim may only be filed if, and shall state that:

        (1)     no objection to the claim has been filed;

        (2)     the claimant is not a defendant in an adversary proceeding in the case; and

        (3)     in a Chapter 11, 12 or 13 case, the claimant has not accepted or rejected the plan or otherwise participated meaningfully in the case.

(b)    Motion to Withdraw

A claimant who files a motion to withdraw a proof of claim shall provide the Debtor,  a trustee, a creditors’ committee, the UST, and an entity that objected to the claim a 21-day Objection Notice. Along with the motion, the claimant shall file the notice and a Certificate of Service. The motion, notice, and Certificate of Service may be combined into one document, a sample of which is available on the Court’s website.