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(a)   Seal upon Initial Filing

Upon the filing of an involuntary petition by a party who is not represented by counsel, the Clerk shall assign a number to the case and seal the names of the alleged debtor and the petitioning creditor(s), the petition, and documents filed with the petition.  The Clerk shall facilitate service of the involuntary petition and the Summons to Debtor in Involuntary Case upon the alleged debtor. 

(b)   Review of and Continuation or Termination of Seal

The Court may, at any time after the initial filing and until its entry of an order for relief or an order dismissing the involuntary petition, review the petition and supporting documents and determine whether the seal should be continued, lifted, or modified and, if necessary, hold a hearing on same.

(c)   Notice to UST

The Clerk shall, immediately upon filing of an involuntary petition subject to this rule, provide telephonic notice of the case to the UST.

(d)   Electronic Filing by Counsel for the Alleged Debtor(s)

Counsel seeking to appear on behalf of the alleged debtor(s) must contact the Clerk for electronic filing access in a case filed under this rule.