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(a)   Notice to Other Tribunals

(1)      Notice in Matters Pending at Time Bankruptcy Case Filed

Upon the entry of an order for relief in the bankruptcy case, the Debtor shall file written notice in any action in which the Debtor is a party that is pending in another tribunal.  That notice shall contain:

(A)     the caption and case number of the non-bankruptcy action;

(B)     the name and case number of the bankruptcy case; and

(C)     the name and contact information of any attorney for the Debtor in the bankruptcy case, if other than the attorney filing the notice.

(2)      Notice in Matters Commenced After Bankruptcy Case Filing

If an action is commenced subsequent to the date of the order for relief, the Debtor shall file a written notice with that tribunal that contains the information required in subparagraph (a)(1) of this rule.

(3)      Notice to Other Parties

The Debtor shall deliver a copy of the notice filed with the tribunal to the parties and counsel involved in that action.  

(4)      Sample Form Available

A sample notice is available on the Court’s website at

(b)   Notice to Garnishing Creditor and Garnishee Defendants

Immediately upon the entry of an order for relief, the Debtor shall give written notice to any creditor with a garnishment order, any garnishee defendant other than the Debtor’s employer, and to any creditor whom the Debtor anticipates may seek a garnishment order.

(c)   Notice to Employer

If the Debtor has authorized deductions from the Debtor’s employment compensation in repayment of an unsecured claim or if the Debtor’s employment compensation is subject to an involuntary garnishment, then upon the entry of an order for relief, the Debtor shall notify the employer and the entity authorized to receive any voluntary deduction that such deduction shall cease as of the date of the entry of the order for relief. If the employer or the entity authorized to receive a voluntary deduction is notified orally, the Debtor shall send to the employer, within three (3) days thereafter, a written notice which includes copies of the petition and that portion of the schedules listing the creditor receiving the deductions. If the Debtor has authorized the deduction from the Debtor’s compensation for repayment of a secured claim which the Debtor intends to reaffirm, or the withholding of income governed by 11 U.S.C. §362(b)(19), or if the Debtor’s compensation is subject to garnishment for a debt not dischargeable pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(5), then the Debtor may elect not to provide the notice required by this subsection.

(d)   Production of Business Records

In Chapter 13 cases, if a Debtor is engaged in business, as defined in 11 U.S.C. §1304, the Debtor must produce any documents concerning the business requested by the trustee at or before the meeting of creditors.

(e)   Additional Documents upon Request

In addition to the documents required by Fed.R.Bankr.P. 4002, the Debtor shall produce such other documents as the trustee or UST requests.