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(a)   Authorization

Pursuant to S.D.Ind. L.R. 39-1, the District Court has authorized the Bankruptcy Judges of this District to conduct jury trials with the express consent of all parties.

(b)   Applicability of District Court Rules

The following District Court rules concerning jury trials apply unless otherwise ordered by the Court:

38-1     Notation of a jury demand in a pleading

47-1     Voir dire

47-2     Communication with jurors

47-3     Juror costs

47-4     Jury; unanimous verdict

(c)   Time for Consent

Unless within thirty (30) days after the demand for jury trial is filed the other parties to the proceeding file a consent, the Bankruptcy Judge shall request that the District Court withdraw the reference of the matter. Even if all parties consent, the Bankruptcy Judge will determine whether the request for a jury trial is proper.