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(a)   Operating Reports

For all Chapter 11 cases, and for Chapter 7 cases in which the trustee operates a business, and until the case is closed or converted, the trustee or the Debtor shall file reports of operations, at intervals to be determined by the UST or an applicable rule or regulation, using forms approved by the UST. For all Chapter 12 cases, and for Chapter 13 cases in which the Debtor operates a business, the Debtor shall file reports of operations as required by the trustee, at intervals to be determined by the trustee or an applicable rule, using forms acceptable to the trustee.

(b)   Distribution

Unless the Court orders otherwise, the report shall be distributed to the UST, the Debtor, a trustee and counsel for the trustee, any governmental unit charged with responsibility for collection or determination of any tax arising out of the estate’s operation, the Service List in a Chapter 11 case, and a party requesting service.

(c)   Penalties for Failure to File

The failure to file operating reports may constitute cause for the conversion or dismissal of the case, or for the appointment or removal of a trustee.