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(a)     The bar of this Court shall consist of those persons admitted to practice in the Southern District of Indiana.

(b)     In all matters and proceedings before this Court, a person not a member of the bar of the Southern District of Indiana shall not be permitted to practice in this Court or before any officer thereof as an attorney, unless:

(1)     such person appears on his or her own behalf as a party;

(2)     such person is admitted to practice in any other United States Court or the highest court of any state, is not currently under suspension or subject to other disciplinary action, and is, on motion to this Court pursuant to subparagraph (c), granted leave to appear in a specific action; or

(3)     such person appears as an attorney for the United States.

However, for the purposes of filing any document as to which an appearance is not required under S. D. Ind B-9010-1(a)(1) or participating in a meeting conducted pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §341, a creditor need not be represented or appear by an attorney.

(c)     In order to obtain leave of this Court to appear in a specific action, the attorney seeking to be admitted must file with the Court a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice. A separate motion for each attorney shall be filed, shall be in a form that complies substantially with the form available on the Court’s website, and shall be accompanied by:

(1)     if not admitted to practice in the State of Indiana, an affidavit that substantially complies with the form available on the Court’s website; and

(2)     a proposed form of order granting the motion.

(d)     The Court may refuse to consider or act upon any request for relief filed by an attorney who is required to obtain leave to appear and has failed to do so.

(e)     Whenever necessary to facilitate the conduct of the case, the Court may require any attorney appearing in any action in this Court to retain as local counsel a member of the bar of the Southern District of Indiana who maintains an office in this district.

(f)     The Rules of Professional Conduct, as adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court, shall provide the rules governing conduct for those practicing in this Court.