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(a)   Application Form

The application shall conform substantially to Official Form 103A.

(b)   Payment Schedule

A Debtor filing an application to pay initial filing fees in installments shall propose a payment plan consistent with the installment fee schedule maintained by the Clerk and available on the Court’s website.

(c)   Payment Due Dates

Payments shall be due on the same day of the month on which the petition was filed unless the Court orders otherwise. If the installment due date falls on a day when the Court is closed, payment is due no later than the next business day.

(d)   Installment Fees in Chapter 13 Cases

Installment fees authorized in a Chapter 13 case shall be paid directly by the Debtor to the office of the Clerk in the division where the case is pending and not through the Chapter 13 plan.  Debtor’s counsel in receipt of good funds intended for the payment of a filing fee installment shall remit those funds to the Court within 14 days of receipt.

(e)   Requirement to Pay Installments Electronically

All payments must be made electronically if the Debtor is represented by counsel.