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(a)      General Requirements

(1)     The first document filed by an attorney-in-fact in a case shall be accompanied by a copy of the power of attorney authorizing the signer to act on behalf of the filing party. The power of attorney shall be either a general power of attorney authorizing the attorney-in-fact to take any action which the principal could take or a special or limited power of attorney authorizing the attorney-in-fact to file the document.

(2)     The power of attorney shall:

   (A)     be in writing, signed by the principal and properly notarized;

   (B)     provide the attorney-in-fact’s name, mailing address, telephone number and email address; and

   (C)     be properly executed and valid under applicable non-bankruptcy law.

(3)     An attorney-in-fact that files a petition on behalf of a Debtor shall appear at the Meeting of Creditors to respond to trustee inquiries regarding the commencement of the case.

(4)     The attorney-in-fact may not complete either the pre-petition credit counseling requirement or post-petition financial management course on the debtor’s behalf.

(b)      Court Review

On its own motion or the motion of a party in interest, the Court may order a hearing to review the power of attorney and the attorney-in-fact’s authority.