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(a)   Method of Filing

A proof of claim shall substantially conform to Official Forms 410, 410A, 410S1, and 410S2 available on the Court’s website. Registered users of CM/ECF shall file claims electronically. Entities not authorized or required to file documents electronically may file claims either on paper or by using the Court’s electronic proof of claim option (“ePOC/eWOC”), found on the Court’s website, and shall comply with S.D. Ind. B-5005-1(c).

(b)   Redaction of Personal Identifiers

A claimant shall redact all personal identifiers on the proof of claim and attached documents filed with the Clerk as required by Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9037.

(c)   Wage Claimant

A proof of claim for wages or salary shall include only the last four digits of the claimant’s SSN or ITIN. The claimant shall provide the trustee or the Debtor the full SSN or ITIN and a telephone number.