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Viewing the docket of a case

Official Procedure Last Change September 18, 2018

Viewing the docket of a case

To view the docket of a case

  1. Log into CM/ECF.
  2. Click Reports > Docket Report.
  3. Enter the case number (in the format xx-xxxxx), select any desired options (see below), then click Run Report.

Note: Large dockets can take a while to load. You can speed up the process by excluding certain elements from the docket, particularly the following:

  • Blue text at end of docket text
  • Order icons next to document number
  • Procedures links at end of docket text

The more elements you uncheck, the faster the docket will load. However, be aware of what you are unchecking in case it is an element you will need to see.

Options that are available


There is also the option to create a single PDF containing multiple documents (View multiple documents) and to include the docket or part thereof (Create Appendix).