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Prefix text

Prefix Text

These options are available via a drop-down box during the filing of certain events. If selected, CM/ECF adds them to the final docket text.

Agreed: Select only if the document being filed has been signed by more than one of the following: Debtor/ Debtor’s Attorney, Creditor, Case Trustee. The Agreed prefix text is not required for Stipulations, Immaterial Modifications, or Reaffirmation Agreements.

Amended: Select only if the document being submitted is an amendment to a previously filed document.

Emergency: Typically used with Chapter 11 first-day motions and Motions to Extend/Impose Automatic Stay (if filed more than 10 days after filing of the bankruptcy petition). This text may also be used in other situations. The title of the uploaded document must also include the word Emergency.

Joint: Select if the document is being filed by more than one party.

Reinstated: Select if the document has previously been filed, but was not acted upon by the Court (e.g., because the case was subsequently dismissed but now relief has been granted from the dismissal order).

Retroactive: Select if the motion requests that the relief granted be applied retroactively.

Supplemental: Select only if the document being submitted is a supplement (not an amendment) to a previously filed document.