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What is Too Big?

ECF will reject any individual PDF larger than 35.0 megabytes (35,000 KB).  Note that your combined file size is unlimited if submitting multiple filings, but you may run into problems transferring huge amounts of data.

Word processing documents converted/published to PDFs rarely exceed 35.0 MB.  Scanned documets (as opposed to converted/published documents) can be problematic since scanning creates a MUCH larger file size for the same number of pages.  There is no way to tell exactly how many pages you can get into a file under 35.0 MB when scanning, but here are some expamples:

100 pages converted/published to PDF may be only 1.5 MB.
100 pages scanned to PDF at a high resolution may be 18.0 MB!
100 pages scanned to PDF at a low resolution may be only 3.0 MB.

When testing here at the Court, we were able to scan approximately 80-100 pages into a 3.0 MB PDF using the lowest resolution.

You must consult your scanner's documentation or the manufacturer's website/helpdesk for assistance in using your scanner.  The Clerk's Office has no information concerning your scanner.

History of Changes

02/06/2014 - Increase PDF file size from 5 MB to 10 MB.

04/11/2014 - Very minor revision to PDF references.

06/06/2017 - Change PDF filed size from 10MB to 35MB.