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Fees Payable to the Clerk of the Court

On-Line Credit Card Payments:  E-filers shall pay the appropriate filing fee using the on-line Credit Card Transaction module, which will allow the e-filer to pay after each transaction or make one payment at the end of all transactions.  All required fees must be paid online via at the time of the transaction or by the end of the day.  Non-payment will result in the e-filer being locked out of the ECF System.  This lockout may extend to all of the e-filer’s accounts. 

In the event of non-payment, an e-mail will be sent to the e-filer listing the payments due; and the “Internet Payment” option becomes the only ECF menu item available.  Upon receipt of all payments due, the lockout will be automatically terminated.  For additional information about credit card payments in CM/ECF, refer to the Internet Credit Card Payment Manual.

Refunds/Fees Not Due:  To assert that a fee should not be charged, the attorney must send an e-mail to before paying the fee.  To request a refund after the fee has been filed, the attorney must file a Motion for Refund.  Refer to the Refund Policy located under Fees and Unclaimed Funds on the Court's website.

History of Changes

09/30/2013 - Link for added.

04/14/2014 - Added reference to review the Refund Policy located under Fees and Unclaimed Funds.