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Fees Payable to the Clerk of the Court

ACH or Credit Card Payments:  Electronic filers shall pay the appropriate filing fee either after each transaction or make one payment at the end of the day for all transactions.  Non-payment will result in the filer being locked out of the CM/ECF System.  This lockout may extend to all of the electronic filer’s accounts. 

In the event of non-payment, an e-mail will be sent to the e-filer listing the payments due; and the “Internet Payments Due” option will be the only CM/ECF menu item available.  Upon receipt of all payments due, the lockout will be automatically terminated.  For additional information about ACH or credit card payments in CM/ECF, refer to the Electronic Payment Guide.

Fees Not Due:  To assert that a fee should not be charged, the attorney must send an e-mail to BEFORE paying the fee.  

Refunds:  To request a refund after a fee has been paid, the filer must file a Motion for Refund.  There is no guarantee that fees paid in error will be refunded.  Refer to the Court's Refund Policy.

History of Changes

09/30/2013 - Link for added.

04/14/2014 - Added reference to review the Refund Policy located under Fees and Unclaimed Funds.

02/27/2019 - Remove reference to 'on-line' payments and Added reference to ACH payments. Added info re: no guarantee of refund for fees paid in error.