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Attaching Exhibits to Documents

Except as the presiding Judge in a case may otherwise direct, attachments to documents (including, but not limited to, leases, notes, etc.), which may not exist in electronic form, shall be electronically imaged (scanned) and filed as a PDF document.  Many docket events provide e-filers an opportunity to attach exhibits as part of the filing process.  Consult specific docket event information in the Procedures Manual.

All documents with attachments, capable of electronic imaging and filing, shall be filed electronically together under one entry number.  E-filers shall submit as exhibits or attachments only those excerpts of the referenced documents that are germane to the matter under consideration by the Court.  Excerpted material must be clearly and prominently identified as such.  E-filers who file excerpts of documents as exhibits or attachments under this rule do so without prejudice to their right to timely file additional excerpts or to file the complete document.  Responding parties may timely file in electronic format additional excerpts that they believe to be germane to the matter under consideration by the Court.