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Refundable Payments

A refund can be made when a filing fee is accepted by the Clerk’s Office:

  • on a bankruptcy-related case where a filing fee is not required; or
  • in an amount greater than the required fee due (an overpayment).

The Court is only entitled to the statutory amount. However, given the administrative cost involved with processing a refund, the Clerk will only refund an overpayment of $25 or more. Fees submitted to the Clerk's Office for matters unrelated to Bankruptcy cases filed in the Southern District of Indiana will be returned to the payer without need for a motion for refund.

Motions for Refund

All requestors whose bankruptcy case related-fees are accepted by the Clerk's Office must file a motion for refund with the Court. If the payment was made by:

  • check, money order, or ACH, an AO 213P must be submitted. Refunds will be issued by the U.S. Treasury; or
  • debit or credit card, an AO 213P is not required. Refunds will be credited back to the card account used for the original payment.