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Refund Policy

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Fees may not be refunded, except by order of the Court, even if the filing was in error or if the case has been dismissed.

Refundable Payments

The following are examples of fees that may be refunded:

  • A refund can be made when a filing fee is accepted by the Clerk's Office on a case where there is no requirement for a filing fee.
  • A refund can be made when an overpayment is received for any of the required statutory filing fees. The Court is only entitled to the prescribed amount.  However, given the administrative cost involved with processing a refund, the Clerk will only refund an overpayment of more than $25, unless the Court orders otherwise.

Motions for Refund

Motions for refund must be filed with the Court, either electronically or on paper. If the payment was made by cash, check, money order, debit card, or ACH transfer, then the motion must be accompanied by a completed Form AO213. (This form is not required if the payment was made by credit card.)  If the refund is approved,  payment will be issued to the requestor by the U.S. Treasury, or, if the fee was paid by credit card, a credit will be issued to the credit card account used in the original payment.