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A written request must be filed with the court by the requesting party.  Before filing the request, the requesting party may contact the Courtroom Deputy (CRD) for additional details and to assure coordination of the request.  The request will be processed by the courtroom deputy who is responsible for transcripts for the presiding judge. 

The CRD will prepare all materials and electronically send them to our transcription service, J&J Court Transcribers, Inc("J&J").  Once in receipt of these items from the CRD, J&J will contact the requesting party directly to provide the requester with a cost estimate, as well as the delivery timeframe options available.   J&J will then prepare the transcript after receipt of payment. 

When the transcript is completed, J&J will e-mail and mail the certified transcript to the requester. The transcript will also be posted on ECF. The court will send an electronic notice to the case participants informing the parties of the availability of the transcript in ECF, how to purchase a copy, and procedures to request redaction of information in the transcript. After a restriction period (generally 90 days unless extended by court order) the redacted version of the transcript will be available for viewing on PACER.
Click here for a sample form of a Request for Transcript 

Click here to review the Procedure and CM/ECF event information for filing a Request for Transcript  

Contact the appropriate Courtroom Deputy for the judge that is assigned to the case.  The assigned Courtroom Deputy information is located on the Judges' Info page.