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Tools Needed for Electronic Filing

In order to file documents electronically and/or receive electronic notification of case activity via the Electronic Case Filing System, one must have the following:

  • An ECF user ID and password assigned by the Clerk (in order to access the Court’s Electronic Case Filing System);

  • A computer running a Windows or a Macintosh operating system;

  • Software used to create PDF documents from a word processing application, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional®;

  • A PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader® (free download available at;

  • A PDF-compatible word processor like Macintosh or Windows-based versions of WordPerfect® or Microsoft Word®;

  • An Internet browser such as Internet Explorer® 11, Mozilla Firefox 53, or Safari 10.1.  Note: CM/ECF is NOT compatible with Chrome nor with Internet Explorer 10.0 or lower. The use of these browsers or others not listed above (e.g. Opera or Edge) may result in intermittent errors when filing documents and in receiving court e-mail notifications from within CM/ECF.

  • Internet access and an e-mail address;

  • Access to a scanner (may be necessary for paper exhibits which must be scanned into PDF).

E-filers are strongly encouraged to maintain an anti-virus program to protect not only their system but also CM/ECF.

History of Changes

03/17/2014 - Revised as to compatible Internet browsers.

10/09/2017 - Revised as to compatible Internet browsers.