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Wage Assignments

Official Procedure Last Change July 6, 2015

Wage Assignments

How to file: 

Location of event: Bankruptcy > Order Upload > Single Order Upload

Things to be aware of when filing: A motion is not required to initiate or terminate a wage assignment. Simply upload a wage assignment order or an order terminating wage assignment.

General Information

  • A Wage Assignment is an order directing a Debtor’s employer to remit plan payments to the trustee.
  • The Southern District of Indiana does not require a motion to be filed in order to institute or terminate a wage assignment. Instead, the filing party should simply upload a proposed Wage Assignment Order or Order Terminating Wage Assignment.
  • A new order must be uploaded whenever the Debtor’s employer or plan payment changes.

Filing requirements

  • The Debtor(s) complete social security number must not be shown on the order.
  • New wage assignments: The order should state (1) the name of the employer; (2) the amount and frequency of the payment; and (3) for a joint case, the name of the debtor to whom the order applies.
  • Amended wage assignments: The name of the employer must match that shown on the original wage assignment. If the employer has changed, a new wage assignment must be used, and an order terminating the old wage assignment uploaded.
  • Orders terminating wage assignments: The name of the employer must be stated and, for a joint case, the name of the debtor to whom the order applies.

Step-by-Step Instructions

View instructions for uploading an order.