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CM/ECF Updates Re: Updated Fees, Filing of Objections, Surplus Funds, Transferred Cases, Summary Judgment and Motion to Dismiss Case

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The following CM/ECF updates will take place the weekend of November 26, 2016:
Updated Fees Effective 12/1/2016
Fees have been updated to match the new fees effective 12/1/2016. An updated Fee Chart is available on the court’s website.
Notice Language Updated re: Filing of Objections
Objection notices issued by the court have been updated to include more detailed language about filing of objections. The following notices have been updated:
• Objection Notice (SF00100)
• Objection Notice with Hearing Opportunity (SF00101)
• Hardship Discharge Notice (SF13280N)
Additionally, the notice issued on Motions to Impose/Extend Automatic Stay has been retired. The SF00101 form is now issued on these motions.
Report of Surplus Funds Event
This event has been restricted to filing on chapter 7 asset cases. A recently filed report on a no asset case caused problems since the Order on the Report of Surplus Funds extended the proof of claim filing deadline, which had not been previously set.
Closing Transferred Cases
When a transferred case is closed, docket text will no longer include “Final Decree”. The entry will state that the case is closed and the trustee is discharged from further duties.
Entry Reclosing Estate
The Entry Reclosing Estate event and form are no longer needed as the Close Bankruptcy Case event now handles all closings, including reopened cases.
Order on Motion for Summary Judgment Event
When summary judgment is granted, docket text will no longer say, “Order Granting Partial Motion for Summary Judgment”. “Partial” has been removed from the event.
Motion to Dismiss Case or, in the Alternative, Convert Case
The Motion to Dismiss Case event allows users to request conversion as alternative relief, which is added to docket text. However, the alternative relief language was added after the notice and certificate of service language, which made the docket entry read awkwardly. The event has been updated, and if alternative relief is requested, that language is added before the notice/certificate of service language.