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Court’s Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

In response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the United States and particularly in the Southern District of Indiana, the Bankruptcy Court has made changes to its operations.  Those changes are described in the General Orders and Other Information and Meetings of Creditors Information listed below. For questions or concerns not answered in these materials, please contact the Bankruptcy Clerk’s office at 317-229-3800.

General Orders and Other Information

General Order 20-0002 re Temporary Waiver of Signature Requirements on Debtor Documents 3/19/2020

General Order 20-0004 re Evidence at Telephonic Hearings 3/26/2020

 Notice of Official Forms Changes Resulting from CARES Act 4/8/2020

  General Order 20-0008 re  Chapter 13 Procedure Changes Resulting from CARES Act  amended 4/16/21

  New Options for Hearings 7/31/2020

General Order 21-0003 re Supplement to "Presumed Reasonable" Fee in CARES Act Plan Extension Cases amended 5/10/21

  Filing Procedures for Parties Not Represented by an Attorney 7/6/2021


Meetings of Creditors Information

           •   Telephonic Meetings of Creditors  updated 9/1/2020

           •   Order Extending Deadlines for Cases with Continued 341 Meetings 3/19/2020

  Second Order Extending Deadlines for Cases with Continued 341 Meetings 4/2/2020

  Case Trustee Teleconference Numbers 4/6/2020

  Instructions for Participating in Telephonic Meetings of Creditors 4/6/2020


Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19               

PDF Size Control Suggestions 4/17/2020

Frequently Asked Questions  - COVID-19 updated 6/21/2021

United States Trustee’s Notice re CARES Act Recovery Rebates 4/8/2020

          •  Zoom® Video Hearing Guide for Participants (PDF) 5/25/2021

          •   How to Join (Quick Reference Card) 5/25/2021


Please check back frequently for updates!