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CM/ECF Updates Re: eWOC & eFinCert Programs & New Adversary Filing Pertaining to Demand Amounts

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

eWOC and eFinCert Programs Updated
The eWOC (Electronic Withdrawal of Claim) and the eFinCert (Electronic Financial Management Certificate) programs have been updated to collect filer information (e.g., filer name, phone number, and email address) and standardize docket text to include the filer information.

New Adversary Filing re: Demand Amounts
The Demand Amount field displayed during the opening of an adversary proceeding requires filers to enter the amount in thousands; i.e., if $4,000 is demanded, filer needs to enter 4 in the field; but filers often enter the wrong number. To help filers and to ensure that data collected is correct, a new pop-up is displayed showing filers the amount entered in the field, which they can then accept or cancel and re-enter.