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CM/ECF Update Re: Objections and Responses re: Complaints

Friday, April 28, 2017

The following CM/ECF update will take effect the weekend of April 30, 2017:
Objections and Responses re: Complaints
For Motions for Summary Judgment and Motions to Dismiss Adversary Proceeding, Local Rules B-7007-1, B-7041-2, B-7056-1 detail what type of document should be filed in response to one of these motions; i.e., a response, a response and brief, or an objection. To help facilitate the use of the correct event, the following changes have been made:

  • Filers must use the Brief event to respond to a summary judgment motion. The Objection and Response events have been updated to stop filers from proceeding with a message directing them to the correct event.
  • The Objection event has been updated to prevent filers from continuing if their objection is related to an adversary dismissal motion, except when the motion has been filed on a complaint to deny or revoke the discharge.