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Mediator Panel

The Court has developed a panel of attorneys  who have asked to serve as mediators pursuant to local rule B-9019-2. The attached list is intended to serve as a resource for both parties and the Court.  However, parties may still select the mediator of their choice.  If parties are unable to agree, the Court will nominate three candidates and is not restricted to the names on this list.  Attorneys interested in serving as a mediator and wanting to be listed on the mediator panel should contact Dorenda Turner with the following information:

  • your name, office address, phone, and e-mail address;
  • a brief background in alternative dispute resolution including any training (certification is not a requirement);
  • although not a requirement, your willingness to provide mediation pro bono in cases where the court determines that the parties cannot bear the costs of mediation;
  • whether you are willing to provide mortgage loss mitigation mediation

Click here to access the Mediator List.