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CM/ECF Updates Re: Motion to Reopen Bankruptcy Case; Appeals and Withdrawals of Reference

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The following CM/ECF updates will take effect the weekend of May 21, 2017:
Motion to Reopen Bankruptcy Case re: Deferred Fees
This event was set up to automatically grant a deferral of the payment of filing fees for all trustees, but only chapter 7 trustees should receive the automatic deferral. Other trustees need to request a deferral. The event has been reworked and now works correctly.

Appeals and Withdrawals of Reference
Multiple events related to appeals and motions for withdrawal of reference have been tweaked for purposes of clarifying docket text and ensuring that events and deadlines are routed to the correct court user in CMAssist. Two updates that affect outside users are a new event – Reply to Response to Motion for Withdrawal of Reference – and an updated event – Motion to Extend Time to File Miscellaneous Documents/Installment Payment. The extension event allows users to indicate what items specific to an appeal or withdrawal of reference they would like additional time to file.