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CM/ECF Updates Re: Deceased Attorneys; Motion for Proceedings Supplemental; Reaffirmation Agreement Deficiency Notice

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The following CM/ECF updates will take effect the weekend of December 27, 2016:
Deceased Attorneys
When an attorney passes away, “DECEASED” is added under the attorney information displayed at the top of a docket.
Motion for Proceedings Supplemental
This event has been updated to add messages referencing Local Rule S.D. Ind. B-7069-1(a); i.e., motion may only be filed by trustees and chapter 11 debtors seeking to enforce judgments or turnover orders for the benefit of the estate.
Reaffirmation Agreement Deficiency Notice
This deficiency notice has been updated to include an option to require that reaffirmation agreements be filed on the most current version of the Official Forms, as well as other wording changes.