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Filing Fee Exception

Under certain circumstances the ECF system may charge an attorney for a filing fee that is not applicable or has been waived by the court. Because of the individual nature of these situations, CM/ECF automatically charges the fee and users must notify the court when a charge should be reversed. Upon completion of the ECF event, select Continue Filing from the credit card pop-up screen. Do not pay the outstanding fees. Upon receipt of your e-mail, the court will review the filing and notify you by return e-mail if the fee has been removed, or if the fee must be paid.


If you have been charged a fee which you believe is not due, please send an e-mail to, as soon as possible. Your access to CM/ECF will be restricted until the charge is reversed. Please provide the following information in your e-mail:

a. Attorney Filer Name
b. Case Number
c. Event (e.g., Motion for Relief from Stay)
d. Dollar Amount
e. Date of Filing
f. Reason the fee is not required.