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(a)   Abbreviations Applicable to All Rules

(1)     Clerk: the Clerk of the Court.

(2)     Court: the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

(3)     Fed.R.Bankr.P.: the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

(4)     S.D.Ind. B- ___: a local rule of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

(5)     S.D.Ind. L.R. ___: a local rule of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

(6)     Fed.R.Civ.P.: the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

(7)     UST: the United States Trustee for Region 10.

(8)     U.S.C.: the United States Code.

(9)     SSN: Social Security number.

(10)   ITIN: Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

(b)   Definitions Applicable to All Rules

(1)     Debtor: includes both debtors in a joint case and a debtor-in-possession in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 12 case. A requirement imposed upon the "Debtor" by these rules shall be performed by counsel for the Debtor, if any, except as follows:

(A)     Official Forms must be signed by the Debtor or the Debtor’s representative in a non-individual case pursuant to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 9001(5); and

(B)     if counsel for the Debtor in the bankruptcy case has not entered an appearance in the matter pending before a state court or other tribunal, then the notices required by B-4002-1(a) shall be signed by the Debtor or any attorney who has entered an appearance for the Debtor in the non-bankruptcy matter.

 (2)     Trustee or trustee: refers to the trustee appointed in a bankruptcy case under 11 U.S.C. §§701, 702, 1104, 1202, or 1302.

 (3)     Notice List: the Service List and parties required to receive notice pursuant to Fed.R.Bankr.P. 2002, unless the Debtor has obtained an order limiting notice.

 (4)     Service List: Debtor, Debtor’s counsel, the twenty largest unsecured creditors in a Chapter 11 case or, if applicable, the unsecured creditors’ committee, the UST, all secured creditors, any indenture trustee, any other committee appointed under 11 U.S.C. § 1102 or 1114, and any counsel or party that has filed an appearance pursuant to S.D.Ind. B-9010-1. If counsel appears for any party listed above, then such counsel shall be substituted for the party for purpose of this definition, absent a specific request by the party that it be retained on the Service List.

 (5)     Non-electronically in reference to filing means delivery of documents on paper, and includes CDs, diskettes, DVDs, flash drives, and other acceptable media.

 (6)     Non-electronically in reference to service means other than by electronic means and in accordance with Fed.R.Bankr.P. 7004.

 (7)     Court’s website: refers to the Court’s website located at