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(a)   Official Bankruptcy Forms Required

Reaffirmation agreements shall be filed using the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Director's Procedural Forms for reaffirmation agreements (2400A or 2400A/B Alt.), as well as the cover sheet (Official Form 427). Failure to use these required forms will result in a notice of deficient filing and the Court will take no action on the reaffirmation agreement.

(b)   Debtor’s Appearance Required

If the court sets a hearing to consider a reaffirmation agreement, the debtor must appear at the hearing. The hearing will be evidentiary.

(c)   Duties of Debtor's Counsel

Unless the attorney has withdrawn as attorney for the debtor pursuant to S.D.Ind. L..R. B-9010-1, an attorney who files a petition on behalf of a debtor (or an attorney in the same firm as the filing attorney) must represent the debtor during the negotiation and filing of any reaffirmation agreements, and appear at any hearings on reaffirmation agreements.