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Procedures Manual

When filing a case electronically, the Procedures Manual is an excellent resource to help you find answers about procedures and aid in determining the correct event to use. Many users find the Search feature is particularly helpful. The Procedures Manual is located at

Once you have opened the manual, you may easily search the table of contents by selecting at the top of the contents bar on the left hand side of the page. Enter what you are looking for - you may be specific by enclosing the words in parenthesis, "Motion for Turnover", or get more results by not enclosing or using fewer words "Motion". When you select one of the results from the search, all of the words you searched will be highlighted in yellow.

To use the manual without searching, click on the tab on the top left and file folders will appear. Select the Introduction to see recent changes and updates. Click on any file folder to view the documents in the Table of Contents. Links to other documents appear underlined and in blue. Click on a link to go to the document referenced.