(a)   Initial Extensions

A party in an adversary that wishes to obtain an initial extension of time not exceeding 28 days within which to file a responsive pleading, a response to a written discovery request, or a response to a motion shall contact counsel for the opposing party, or if the opposing party is not represented by counsel, the opposing party, and request that person’s agreement to the extension. In the event that person does not object to the extension or cannot be reached, the requesting party shall file a notice with the Court reciting the lack of objection to the extension or the fact that the person could not be reached. The notice shall state the original due date and the date to which the time is extended. No further filings with nor action by the Court shall be required for the extension.

(b)   Other Extensions

Any other request for an extension of time, unless made in open Court or at a telephonic pretrial conference, shall be made by written motion.