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What are the system requirements to support ECF?

NextGen Release 1.2 was tested with Internet Explorer 11, Chrome (up to version 59), Firefox (up to version 53), and Safari (up to version 10.1).

Note: Changes to the Workspace My CM/ECF page or sub-pages cannot be saved using the Chrome or Safari browser. This is a known issue with WebSphere portal and has been reported to IBM. Until it is fixed by IBM, Chrome and Safari cannot be used for setting up the My CM/ECF page or sub-pages.

For at least some NextGen functions, it  may be necessary for users to disable their browser's pop-up blocker.

It is recommended that only IE 11 be used with BusinessObjects (link is external) reports – otherwise, some pages may not be rendered correctly.

NOTE: if a user wants to run the application in both the live (JENIE) and test/train (sJENIE) environments at the same time, they must use two different browsers.  Otherwise, JENIE may display a message like this:




If you have additional question regarding system requirements please email,


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