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CM/ECF Updates Re: Updated Hearing Notice & Duplicate Blue Text re: Withdrawals

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The following events went live the weekend of November 11, 2016:
Updated Hearing Notice
When a hearing notice is issued on a creditor’s objection to confirmation, language is inserted stating that the hearing will be held unless the creditor withdraws the objection, jointly files an agreed plan modification with the debtor, or requests a continuance. The language previously referred to filing an agreed entry, rather than an agreed plan modification. The language was updated to avoid any confusion as to which should be used to file the agreed plan modification.
Duplicate Blue Text re: Withdrawals
Action taken on docket entries displays in blue at the end of docket text; i.e., Granted by #13, Denied by #12, Withdrawn by #27, etc. Due to the special nature of the Motion for Abandonment & Relief from Stay event (i.e., it’s a combination of two separate events), withdrawal information was displayed twice in docket text. The issue has been resolved and the blue text now only shows up once.