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(a)   Availability of Enforcement Remedies

A trustee or Debtor who seeks to enforce a judgment in an adversary proceeding or an order of turnover for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate may pursue collection in the Bankruptcy Court. The order of turnover must be for a sum certain or direct turnover of specific tangible property.

(b)   Applicability of District Court Rules

S.D.Ind. L.R. 69-1 (Execution), S.D.Ind. L.R. 69-2 (Interrogatories to Garnishees), and S.D.Ind. L.R. 69-3 (Final Orders in Wage Garnishment) apply to adversary proceedings and to orders directing a Debtor to turn over property. Answers to Interrogatories should not be filed with the Court but should be sent to the trustee or Debtor only.