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(a)   Bond Required

All liquidators/auctioneers retained by a trustee or Debtor in any case who will come into possession or control of the assets or proceeds of assets of an estate shall post a bond with the UST on behalf of the United States of America for the full value of the assets in the possession or control of the liquidator/auctioneer, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

(b)   Remittance of Gross Proceeds

Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, all gross proceeds shall be remitted to the trustee or Debtor within fourteen (14) days of the sale. Upon motion of any party in interest and for good cause shown, the Court may authorize the liquidator/auctioneer to submit net proceeds or to turn over to a secured creditor the net proceeds realized from the sale of that creditor’s collateral.

(c)   Validity of Checks

The validity of any checks or bank drafts accepted by the liquidator/auctioneer shall be the sole responsibility of the liquidator/auctioneer.

(d)   Liquidator/Auctioneer Purchasing at Sale

No liquidator/auctioneer, or any agent or employee of a liquidator/auctioneer employed in a case may purchase an asset from the estate.