Service of Electronically Filed Documents

By participating in the Electronic Case Filing System, limited user e-filers agree to make e-mail addresses available in order to receive Court notices of corrections and deficiencies.

A certificate of service must be included with all documents filed electronically as to which service is required.  Such certificate shall indicate that service was accomplished pursuant to the Court's electronic filing procedures.  Although documents filed electronically are served on all attorney e-filers, parties served electronically should still be listed on the Certificate of Service.  A form Certificate of Service is available at Appendix B.

History of Changes

02/01/2012 - Clarified what must be listed on a Certificate of Service.   Removed reference to sealed documents and service of a summons.  Added a link to "Sealed Cases and Documents" in Attorney and Court User manuals.

04/11/2014 - Clarified the difference between service of electronically filed documents on attorneys as opposed to limited users and made those paragraphs specific for attorneys and limited users.  Revised the wording for who should be listed on the Certificate of Service.