Agreed orders

Official Procedure Last Change December 30, 2014

Agreed orders

General Information

Since only a judge can issue an order, the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana does not allow the filing of documents entitled Agreed Order, or that contain any order language such as "It is ordered that..." or "....this Agreed Order," or that include a signature line for the judge.

The proper way to seek the court's blessing on an agreement is as follows:
Resolving an issue already on the docket

Use the Agreed Entry (Resolves an Issue) event. The document should be titled Agreed Entry, not Agreed Order. The court will prepare and enter a separate order approving or disapproving the agreement. Refer to the procedure for further information on filing requirements.

Resolving an issue that is not yet on the docket

Title your document Agreed Motion for/to....., and file it using the regular motion event that would have been used had the document not been agreed to. ECF will allow you to indicate that the document is an agreed motion. View full instructions and filing requirements

For example, to file an Agreed Motion for Relief from Stay, use the Motion for Relief from Stay event.