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Required Documentation

A summary of Required Lists, Schedules, Statements, and Fees for each chapter and the filing fee schedule are provided for your convenience. In addition to these required documents and filing fees, the Court requires you to file a Certificate of Service indicating that you mailed copies of a particular pleading to all appropriate parties. Please review these requirements carefully. Failure to file or fully complete required documents may have adverse effects on your rights (such as losing the right to file another case or losing certain protections in a later case). The Clerk's Office will send out notices of deficiencies in some circumstances. Failure to file required item(s) may result in striking of the incomplete filing or the dismissal of the Bankruptcy case by the Court without further notice.

The Court has compiled a Pro Se Debtor Packet to provide you with basic assistance and information.

For additional forms, schedules, and statements needed for filing go here:




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