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Bankruptcy Code

Bankruptcy Code (Title 11, U.S. Code)

Title 28, U.S. Code

§ 151-159 Bankruptcy Judges Click Next in the top right hand corner to proceed to the next statute

§ 1334 Jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases and proceedings

§ 1408 - Venue of bankruptcy cases

§ 1409 Venue of proceedings arising under the Bankruptcy Code or arising in or related to bankruptcy cases 

Bankruptcy Rules


Federal Rules See the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence


Local Bankruptcy Rules


Indiana Statutes

Indiana Code for State Exemptions

IC 34-55-10-1 Bankruptcy exemptions

IC 34-55-10-2 Bankruptcy exemptions; limitations


Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy Basics

Public Information Series

Video Series

Tax Return Guidance

Listing of required lists, schedules, statements, and fees

Filing Fee Schedule

Roster of Public Agencies


Court Procedures

General Orders Registry

CM/ECF Procedures Manual

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Summons Procedure



Federal Judiciary Homepage

U.S. District Court

National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees

Office of the U.S. Trustee

Indiana State Bar Association - Consumer Bankruptcy Section


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