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Attorneys who practice in the Bankruptcy Courts of the Southern District of Indiana must be admitted to practice in the Southern District, either generally or pro hac vice for a specific case or adversary proceeding.

The motion to appear pro hac vice must be filed electronically. Pursuant to General Order 09-0003, the applicant is required to become an authorized electronic filer and should make arrangements to obtain a user ID and password as directed on the Court's website before attempting to file this motion.

An attorney who is not admitted to practice in the State of Indiana must provide an affidavit confirming admission in another jurisdiction. The Court can verify admission in Indiana easily, but verifying admission in other jurisdictions is more challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, the Court requires the applicant to provide an affidavit.

A filing fee, payable to the United States District Court, is due for each Motion filed. The fee should be paid in one of two ways: By check payable to "Clerk, United States District Court" which should be mailed to the Bankruptcy Court Clerk's Office or by credit card. When paying by credit card, please call District Court at 317.229.3700.





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