Statistical Data 




Statistical Data or SD Codes are codes assigned to CM/ECF events that enable the Court to gather statistical information as required by BAPCPA. These codes are transmitted to the Administrative Office (AO) and the data is used to help determine budget allocations, justification for court staff and judges, develop long range planning and forecasting and many more decisions that affect the Court.


Reporting Process:


On a monthly basis, the Court transmits cases and docket data directly from CM/ECF to the AO’s Statistical Division (SD) for all new cases, closed cases, active cases with changes to statistical information, and transactional docket event information. These transmissions are created by programs within CM/ECF and contain all information required by the SD.


The SD receives and stores operational case load data from courts; designs and maintains statistical systems to provide an information resource on the workload of the Court; prepares reports to meet the Director's statutory requirements for reporting to the Judicial Conference, the Executive Branch, and the Congress; provides statistical expertise to the Judiciary for the purposes of planning for and allocating resources; and provides statistical information to the public.


SD Events:


Events in CM/ECF are used to track statistical data as required by BAPCPA. To enable this tracking, all documents must be filed using the specific event and not a generic event. Failure to do so will not trigger the sending of applicable statistical information. Most events can be corrected by the Court but there are a few situations that may not be fixed internally and must be re-filed in order to be credited accurately.



Documents filed using the wrong event code may result in a deficiency notice, and the denial of the requested for relief or other adverse action.                                 


Selecting the Correct Docket Event. The selection of the correct docket event is important. Outside users as well as Court users should review the event list carefully before filing.


List of events that assign an SD code